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Battery Backup Systems: The Ultimate Solution for Power Interruptions

Battery Backup Systems

Battery backup systems for power are usually used to power demanding devices during power interruptions. They can provide power for a definite period of time which depends on the capacity of the battery and the electricity requirements of the devices plugged into the system. If homeowners cannot afford or have chosen not to spend the initial amount of money to have a full solar powered system installed in their homes, then a battery backup system is a great choice for the home, at-home office or small business too. 

Advantages of Battery Backup Systems

Added Protection

The major problem with load shedding is that the resulting power surges that take place when the grid switches on after being powered off for a few hours. Many computers, routers, TV’s and other appliances cannot hold that force of the power surge that happens and often will break or burn out as a result. With a power backup system, it automatically switches over when the grid is switched off and allows for an easy, surge-free transition of power on your electronic equipment and vice versa when the power comes back on.

No Noise

If you’ve ever lived next to a neighbour with a generator or have used one before, you understand that it is not a quiet power alternative. Compared to a battery backup system, it is noiseless and will not come up with any kind of noise pollution in and around your home at all which makes it a very considerable choice indeed.

Dependence on the Grid Reduction

As homeowners develop and maintain their battery backup system, it becomes less and less reliant on the grid. Actually, homeowners may start with a small battery system to power up a few electronics during load shedding. But it can grow to become a fully functional off-grid system over time. 

No Pollution

When a homeowner uses a battery system, they are not contributing to any type of fossil fuel pollution compared when using diesel generators. Battery powered systems are clean energy systems which makes them a great choice for an environmentally conscious homeowner.

Minimise Electric Bills

When a homeowner becomes less dependent on the grid, they will start to save money. There is an upfront cost to install a battery backup system or full solar system that is needed but once the initial expense is done, homeowners will literally start to save money daily on their electric bills.

Components of a Battery Backup System

Understanding the key components of a battery backup system is essential for selecting the right setup for your needs:

  1. Battery - a high capacity lithium-ion battery used to save more power for future use. These batteries store power as direct current (DC).

  2. Charger - makes the battery charge safely when connected to an external power source which is a wall outlet or a solar panel.

  3. Inverter - converts DC power stored in the battery into alternating current

  4. Power Outlets - used to plug in the devices that need to be powered up. Battery backup systems mostly have standard wall outlets and specific outlets to power other AC and DC devices with different plug types. 

What to Check When Choosing a Battery Backup System

When selecting a battery backup system, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and compatibility:


This refers to the amount of power a battery backup system can store and give. To know the capacity homeowners need, they have to check the power requirements of the devices or equipment they want to run during a power outage. Then create a list of these devices and calculate their combined power consumption in watts or kilowatts. This will give them an estimate of the capacity required for their battery backup system.


This is the duration in which a battery backup system can give power to homeowners’ devices during power interruptions and outages. It is reliant on the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the connected devices. To know the desired runtime, check the average duration of power outages in your area and the sensitivity of the devices that need to be powered. The runtime may depend on the load connected to the battery backup system.


Different battery backup systems have diverse maintenance requirements. Some systems may need regular maintenance such as battery check ups, cleaning and also random replacement. See available resources and expertise when selecting a battery backup system. If homeowners prefer a low-maintenance battery backup system, look for systems that require minimal maintenance.

Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

Before a homeowner makes a purchase, they need to assess the compatibility of the battery backup system with their existing electrical infrastructure. They have to check the voltage and wiring set up of their building or house to guarantee compatibility with the system they intend to install. They also need to consider the available space for the system's installation especially if they opt for larger capacity systems.

Solarwyse and Battery Backup Systems to Power Your Home

At Solarwyse, in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in battery backup systems is highly valued. Our team comprises experienced engineers, certified electricians and renewable energy experts who have a wide experience in designing, installing and maintaining high-performance battery backup solutions. We stay ahead of the latest power advancements and industry best practices through continuous education and hands-on training. Our commitment to high quality service ensures that we deliver the best, reliable and effective battery backup systems specialised to meet the specific needs of homeowners. From battery backup systems to full solar powered systems, Solarwyse is the company to run to. We have a lot of options of power solutions to help you get in these dark, unforeseen times of load shedding in Australia. 

Your cheaper and lighter future starts by investing in battery backup systems and solar powered systems for your home and business and allow the power of the sun to make you become less dependent on the usual energy source. Call us to book an appointment now!



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