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The Benefits of Hybrid Backup Solar Systems

The Benefits of Hybrid Backup Solar Systems

After solar panels are put up, the energy produced needs to be converted to power for the household. A hybrid system with backup is when the solar panels still are connected to the grid’s power lines and have a backup battery system to store additional power. The sun’s energy absorbed by the solar panels goes to an inverter and it is being transformed into useful electricity. From there, electricity either goes to home, to the power grid or to the 

battery backup system.

The advantage of a hybrid solar system is that you will always have power at any time. With a backup battery, the extra energy that your solar panels create but not being used, will be stored in this battery. When power outage happens, the hybrid backup system will switch automatically without homeowners or businesses even noticing.

Components of Hybrid Backup Solar System

Solar Panels

Its number that homeowners require will depend on the power usage of their house and their efficiency. It is no longer needed to pay huge amounts of money for installing and using electricity utility poles. These are cheaper and provide power to households at affordable rates. The principal thing to consider while buying these is getting value for money.

Racking and Mounting

The photovoltaic mounting and racking systems are used to safely fasten the solar panels to different surfaces such as roofs and terraces. The racking and mounting options are wide and the ones that homeowners choose should be based on their roof shape. It’s just needed that solar panels get enough exposure to the rays of the sun. Not everyone wants to mount their solar panels on the roof. Ground mounting and racking of solar panels are also possible and are ideal for underused land areas. Ground-mounted panels offer a greater range of inclination as compared to panels on the rooftop. You can also adjust the panel inclination to cover the maximum rays of the sun.

DC Circuit Breaker

This will protect the photovoltaic power generation system working on DC currents. It is recommended to get DC circuit breakers from distinguished DC circuit breaker suppliers so that homeowners can have efficient and cost effective solutions. Homeowners can also mold the circuit breakers according to their preferences and needs. The size of the circuit breakers that are needed will depend on the number of solar panels that they have and how they have been connected.

DC Surge Protective Device

This will improve the performance of the home’s PV system while cautiously protecting it. Getting a Quality DC protective device offers optimized and continuous operating voltage. This allows the line to have high-pressure sensitive resistors to control the effects of lightning on the hybrid solar panel system. These devices are applied to the solar panels to give a path of discharge to save the components of the system from being exposed to transients of high voltage that are caused by the effects of lighting anomalies. The surge protector works by directing the extra voltage into the grounding wire and preventing it from flowing through the system.

Safety Measures During Installation

  1. Do not work in difficult weather conditions to avoid getting electrocuted from the system parts

  2. Have at least two people around while working and lifting the solar panel parts because they are sure to be heavy 

  3. Cover the solar panels with an opaque sheet to avoid heat buildup

  4. Have rapid shutdown systems for the workers installing the system to prevent electrocution

  5. Install an arc-fault interrupter to protect against arc faults which can lead to sparks and fire

  6. Use multiple string inverters to reduce the risk of arc flash

  7. Do not install the PV system near any flammable objects

Hybrid Backup vs. Off-Grid: Making the Right Choice

When homeowners or businesses are completely off-grid, they will only have a backup battery to sustain the home’s energy usage, an opposite to a hybrid solar system that can get power from the battery or the Hydro’s grid.

An off-grid solar system might be tempting if a homeowner wants to be completely in charge of the power generation, but they will need to be very careful with energy management and the power consumption to make sure that the backup battery never runs out. 

With a hybrid solar energy system, if in an event of an overuse to the stored battery power or there is bad weather for a few days and the solar panels do not get enough energy, the grid connection will help give power until homeowners can begin producing their own again. Without this backup option, homeowners could find themselves without power during a snowstorm or hurricane. 

Is a Hybrid Backup System Worth It?

A hybrid system is a good way to be in control of the home’s energy supply. Homeowners have the ability to be their own energy provider with solar panels and a backup battery. Hybrid backup systems will save homeowners money by lessening the electricity bills which makes the higher upfront system costs worth it. The solar battery will store most, if not all, of the extra power the system generates instead of selling it back to the utility. So, while homeowners won’t see those metering credits on their Hydro bill, they’re still getting the same worth for electricity. 

What makes a hybrid system unique is the fact that you will be covered during inclement weather and nighttime use. You have your backup battery filled with energy and access to grid power if you need more than your battery can provide. Hybrid backup systems are the best way to make sure that homes never run out of power. 

Partnering with Solarwyse for Energy Solutions

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